Dr. Derm Professional

Dr. Derm Professional

Dr. Derm is committed to develop products that successfully incorporate natural plant-based ingredients and extracts with science-based actives in order to achieve the most effective formulations that show real, visible results for your skin.

The scientists and lab technicians behind Dr. Derm hold themselves to the highest standards of safety, good manufacturing practices and the latest scientific research. The main purposeof the brand is to develop formulas that not only feel comfortable on your skin, but are also safe for you and the environment, are beneficial to your skin and target particular skin concerns - acne-prone, dry and dehydrated skin, mature and saggy skin. 

Series from the brand

Where Science and Nature Meet

Dr. Derm is a high-tech cosmetic brand that successfully incorporates plant-based and naturally derived extracts and oils with potent science-based actives.


The Dr. Derm formulations include innovative delivery systems for transporting active ingredients to the cells, encapsulated components with slow-release for a prolonged effect and peptides that improve cellular communication and facilitate the synthesis of collagen.

Experience and Expertise

The Dr. Derm products are deeply rooted in dermatological expertise. The brand began as a top pick for salon-owners, beauticians, and cosmetologists. It is naturally developed to offer a personal approach and make a difference for skin types that need a little extra care - acne-prone, dry and dehydrated, mature and saggy.  

Results That Don’t Compromise Your Comfort

At Dr. Derm extra attention is being paid to texture. All formulations have light and airy textures that absorb instantly and provide action, protection and a feeling of comfort to the skin all day long. Results shouldn’t be achieved at the price of your comfort and healthy.